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Construction Update

Construction Update (Jan 2012)

While most of the major construction is complete, finishing work and furnitures are still needed. The following were last updates made in the building construction

  • Construction of underground water tank
  • Laying of tiles on the rooftop terrace to collect rainwater for daily use
  • Installation of solar panel for hot water supply
  • Cabinets in the Kitchen

As for inside, couple of rooms, the kitchen/dining and two bathrooms have been finished. Currently, the girls and the sisters live there. The sisters' room is also being used as a public meditation/teachings room for the time being so that the public can come for meditation practice and listen to the teachings from the sisters.

Slowly but surely, DhammaMoli has come a long way in the contruction of the project building at Kimdole Bihar. With generous donations from friends and well wishers, funds raised through Sisters' teaching at various colleges and universities, and receipt of small grants from organizations - as of January 2012, the construction of the new building is about 95% complete, and there are currently 5 girls already living with the sisters in the building. Please check the pictures section to see the updated pictures from Nepal.